Costa Rica – The Total Health Tourism Experience

Costa Rica Health Tourism

Medical Tourism and Health Tourism are on the rise: everything from stem cell treatments, cardiac care, hip and knee replacements to plastic surgery, wellness, anti-stress and relaxation treatments. Medical care has become a global enterprise, where sophisticated procedures or specialized medical treatments are being performed in highly developed countries such as the US, England, Germany, India and Thailand, proving that patients will travel far and wide to seek procedures that although available in their home countries, either because of cost or expediency, feel it is worth travelling so far away for treatment.

Now it is also becoming popular to seek treatments in even undeveloped countries and it is easy to see why; Medical and Dental care in the developed countries is expensive. For elective treatments not covered by insurance it is more economical to travel abroad, especially when packaged with a vacation. Depending on the procedure, recovery should play a significant portion of the decision to seek treatments abroad.

Costa Rica and Medical and Health Tourism

Costa Rica is indeed a blessed country, small in size but big in natural beauty.  Costa Rica is an ecological wonder, tourists flock to its shores and now it is also becoming a Mecca for medical and health tourism for several reasons:

  • It is located less than 2 ½ hours from the U.S.
  • All  major airlines land in San Jose and Liberia
  • In October  2008, the Government formally stated that Medical Tourism is an item of interest to the country.  It declared that “It is of public interest to support the medical activities related to medical tourism, to improve the quality of care, research and development of medical sciences.” (Declaratoria de Interés Público Nacional las actividades e iniciativas relacionadas con el “Turismo de Salud Nº 35054-S-COMEX-COM-TUR )
  • Many of the Medical personnel are trained in foreign countries and are Board Certified
  • A Medical Board (Colegio de Medicos Cirujanos) controls the licensing and the supervision of its members and a Dental Board (Colegio de Cirujanos Dentistas) licenses and supervises the Dental Professionals.
  • The three major Hospitals Cima, Clinica Biblica and La Catolica have all been accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), lending additional credibilty to the health services provided by these hospitals and and their staffs.
  • Costa Rica is the 2nd oldest democracy in the Americas, second only to the United States
  • A peaceful nation, in 1949 it disbanded its Armed Forces
  • Has achieved one of the World’s higest literacy rates

Ailanto~ A Health Destination

Ailanto Wellness Resort & Spa was conceived as a Medical Tourism destination, bearing in mind that a patient recovers better and faster in beautiful, serene locations.

We chose Fortuna de Bagaces (known as “The Cradle of Ecology’) not only because of its beauty and idyllic location but also its proximity to the Liberia International Airport and the beaches.

With an abudance of thermal waters, amazing flora and fauna and the freshest air that you could posible breathe, Ailanto is the new generation of Medical Tourism Centers, where total care can be dispensed from surgical procedures to recovery within a a relaxed vacation haven.  We are on  sacred healing grounds and we intend to keep them that way.

Ailanto’s four medical centers will offer cosmetic, dental procedures, wellness, anti-stress, relaxation retreats, alternative medicine and Indigenous treatments to nurture the body and indulge the mind.

Qualified visiting specilalists will take care of the procedures, while patient recovery will be supervised by Ailanto’s on-site medical staff. The patients will be housed in homes built for that purpose.

Complementing the medical facilities, Ailanto will also have:

  • A variety of classes, workshops and consultations, covering a variety of wellness concerns from Diabetes to male menopause
  • Fitness workouts, meditation, Yoga, relaxation in the tranquil rain forest
  • Sports courts, thermal pools, hiking trails, horseback riding and fishing
  • Helipad for quick evacuation and for air tourism and transportation

The Meso-American Healing Experience

The Meso-American Healing Experience is a mystical adventure of the mind, body and spirit.  Combining the rituals and wisdoms from the ancient cultures of America’s earliest civilizations, it will cleanse and refresh the soul.  The experience combines the rich cultures of the Mayan, Aztec, Incas and other Meso-American peoples of the South with the sacred rites and ceremonies of their Indigenous neighbors to the North.

The spiritual adventure begins with a welcoming reception and 4 Point Dance performed by a Shaman, while sipping herbal teas in El Templo de Fuego (Fire Temple).  Leave behind whatever negativity may be restricting happiness, burn those bad thoughts in the blazing fire, honoring Ancient Indian Rituals.  El Templo de Fuego is perfectly located near our natural spring, a water symbol signifying life renewal.

Next, step into a truly unique experience offered exclusively at Ailanto. YOMED is Yoga combined with Meditation in an extraordinary environment.  At Ailanto, our Yoga chapels are perched on our magnificent Guancaste trees, communing with nature in the exotic Costa Rican Forest.  Beginners can do slow stretches at ground level, Primer Piso, and more advanced guests can ask for the Nido Encantado, or sit and medidate on our highest level.  Everyone begins with calming Breathing Exercises to center the spirit; then progress to whatever level of Stretch Yoga they are most comfortable with, which strengthens and refreshes the body.  Finally, rejuvenate your mind as our Master leads  the shamanic journey through guided meditation.

The Communal Inca INTI Sun Temple, is used for HOT YOGA, the temperature is a balmy 102 degrees, further warming your muscles and empowering your body with enhanced stretches. Here in this unique Kaleidoscopic Temple, the color therapies will feast the yes and the mind (This is Now Under Construction). Drink the Pipas Frias (Coconut water) to rehydrate while exercising.

The Shaman is available for consultation in the Teepee that sits right next to Templo del Fuego.

Next, a more intimate personal Temazcal (sweat lodge) adds to the Shamanic journey, The Temazcal is warmed by a roaring fire that heats heats up the herbal teas. The hot volcanic stones serve to emanate that refreshing steam.

Relax and inhale the wonderful curative herbs and essential oils burning in the altar, while sipping the aromatic fruits of Mother Earth.

It is now time to nourish your body with a buffet lunch, including natural refreshments.

In the Rain Forest Gazebos, enjoy a custom body massage by one of our perfectly trained masseuses to relax and restore your body.

Culminating your Meso-American Healing Experience, step into our fabulous natural solar and thermal waters in any of our lagoons. Pick your favorite spot, then sit, relax, meditate and relish your exotic surroundings.  Give thanks that you have found Ailanto, because your life will be renewed and enriched after experiencing our Meso-American Healing Experience.

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